What Type of Jewelry is best For Piercing?

Stomach button adornments are very famous today. It has become the freshest craze in the design business. For some it resembles communicating their own character thusly however to others it is simply going with what is most well known pattern in design today. However, to the individuals who are attempting this unexpectedly, it is suggested that you know a couple of significant things about body piercing. You should understand what kind of piercing gems to utilize and most significant are wellbeing safeguards that should be followed. Let us beware of the various kinds of adornments.

They are different bended hand weights exceptionally made for gut button piercing. There are diverse banana ringers accessible in the market today. Check beneath for the various kinds of banana ringers.

  • Acrylic – this have titanium stems and PMMA balls.
  • Blackline – this is a most ideal decision for its smooth bio similarity in solid piercing.
  • Zircon Gold – an incredible determination of splendid brilliant gems that definitely tries to please look.
  • Surgical Steel – this are genuine body piercing fundamental best for tummy button piercing.
  • Titanium – Just like careful steel banana chimes; they are genuine body piercing basics.
  • Bioplast – are bio viable hence protected to utilize.
  • Gemstone Navel Bananabells – polished adornments that have regular gemstone balls.
  • PTFE Body gems – it is made of a material that is bio viable and adaptable. It is ideal for decreasing weight on facial piercing and navel piercing.


This is a definitive bit of body gems and you can utilize this on any body piercing. This ball conclusion rings are useful for generally piercing ombligo however are generally reasonable with navel, ear and lip piercing. Check a portion of the ball conclusion rings.

  • UV Rings. They light up under UV light and are adaptable.
  • Surgical Steel Rings. This ring is electro cleaned to guarantee a smooth surface that would not disturb your skin.
  • Zircon Gold Rings. This carries style to the client with its great gold sparkle.
  • Titanium Rings. These rings are genuine body basic. Accessible in splendidly shaded to straightforward styles.
  • 18 carat Gold Rings. Hand-completed and created exclusively for 18 carat gold.

Body Spirals

It is a cool choice that comes in assortment of styles and materials. Among the celebrated body Spirals are recorded beneath.

  • Blackline Body Spiral. These adornments glance extraordinary in navel and ear piercing.
  • Zircon Gold Body Spiral. This adornment accompanies various balls and you can tweak it as per your style.
  • Surgical Steel Body Spirals
  • Titanium Body Spirals. Best option for hand weights and banana bells.

Roundabout Barbells

It is planned in bended bars with two removable balls. Among the celebrated round free weights are backline roundabout hand weights, and round free weights produced using Zircon Gold, careful steel, titanium, bioplast and 18 carat Gold. You currently have a thought of what kind of body gems is best for you and will fit you. Check this and ask guidance from your piercer what’s best for you.