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Different Types of Puzzles to Educate Everyone

In general, there are two main properties of puzzles. First, a puzzle is designed to entertain the person solving it, and second, it comes with a well-defined solution. The solver has many methods to complete the task. What’s exciting is that there are multiple types of puzzles.

Logic Puzzles

Some examples of this kind of puzzles are Sudoku, Masyu, nonogram, calcudoku, and logic grid puzzles. It often comes with a grid and of course there are well defined rules to follow to solve it. This puzzle has a unique solution; it is also helpful to the puzzle solver if some of the grids are already filled out. Another subtype of this puzzle is the picross puzzle which is also known as nonograms since the solution paints a picture.

Mechanical Puzzles

Examples of this type include Rubik’s Cubes, jigsaw puzzles, and nail puzzles. This could be the most common type of puzzle. These puzzles may be solved through trial and error, but Rubik’s Cubes mathematical and logical solutions may be used for solving.

Word Puzzles

These include Boggle and crossword puzzles. Word puzzles require the solver to be adept at a language. However, the truth is that word puzzles are in fact mathematical in nature in the assumption that a dictionary is available. There are 120 ways to permute the letters found in a 5-letter word. The line may be a bit blurry when it comes to crossword puzzles. Crosswords can have multiple answers and it relies on interpretation. Puzzles that are based on the dictionary definitions are more flexible, which means that making them would require more finesse.

Cryptic Puzzles

ugears 3d puzzles for adults

This is the most common type of puzzles. Puzzles of this kind are those that can be found in high quality puzzlehunts and escape rooms. Often these puzzles are called designer puzzles. They are intended to be solved at once by an individual. In a cryptic puzzle, the goal or the solution must be well defined, e.g., to enter a specific word in an online form which is accepted or to find a clue in a particular location where a designated token can be seen.

Trivia Puzzles

This type of puzzles is also custom designed. It can contain several cryptic puzzle elements, but it can also be explicit which enables it to pass off as a word puzzle. It is crucial for the solver to have domain knowledge or at least the ability to learn about the specific topic.

3D Combination Puzzles

Surprisingly, the Rubik’s Cube is considered as one of the 3D Combination Puzzle. It is listed as one of the most influential inventions of the twentieth century. Rubik’s Cube structure includes several elements namely cycle, permutation, rotation, symmetry, and combinations which are used to resolve scientific issues.