Your Child and Community Service

Every parent wants to make sure they are raising their children to be responsible, respectful, and successful, but it can be difficult with the demands that society holds for us in the workplace. Parents are unable to spend as much time as they would like with their children to teach them the life lessons that the school systems cannot teach. Even in the society that we live, there are ways to spend time with our children and teach them the value of caring for others. Community service is not just for those who are required by the court systems, families can get involved too.

A child’s desire to help others comes from what their parents teach them. If your child sees you doing something unselfish for another person in the community, they will begin to mirror that behavior. Community service can come in different sizes and shapes and is not dependent on established community building group in your area. A child can learn the value of community service by helping the elderly in their neighborhood by raking leaves, mowing their lawn, or helping replace a light bulb in their home. Families can also get involved in helping their neighbors by taking the elderly or disabled to the grocery store. While it may seem small, helping them be as independent as possible can enhance their quality of life, make you and your children feel good about helping others, and teaching your children the value of community.

Parents can also get their child involved in community service by participating in local food, clothing, and other drives that help the less fortunate. By allowing your child to pick out the items that will go into the food drive, it gives them the satisfaction of helping others all on their own. Community service offers no scholarships, no awards, and no one making a fuss over your good deeds, but it offers a personal sense of accomplishment and teaches many important values.

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