Young People can Change the World

When it comes to volunteering and community service, some people like to do the hands on work such as making gift baskets, serving food, or distributing clothes. Other volunteers want to help behind the scenes by finding funding and confronting the people who do not believe in what the charity or organization. When it comes to community service, all volunteers will work in the area that they are most comfortable and believe they can do the most good. Most adults do not believe many young people want to do their community a service, but there is a decrease in the age of those volunteering.

Many young people who volunteer have a voice in changing the policies of an organization and finding new and effective ways to raise money. The young people who volunteer have the desire and drive to help others in their community and have not become cynical by the hard work that they do. Not every young person will carry the drive and determination that others do at first, but volunteering is a learning opportunity. Many young people who are not as assertive in the beginning find themselves fighting for something bigger than they are months down the line.

Parents that find themselves with a child that has an overwhelming desire to change the world are encouraged to volunteer with their children. By volunteering and working alongside the youth of the world, adults can learn many life lessons. The young people of the world have great ideas and should be heard. One of the most important skills that young people in volunteer programs have that adults lack is the ability to listen more and speak less. By understanding what is expected of volunteers, what the organization does, and how the organization plans to help the communities it serves, young volunteers are able to execute the organizations goals. Young individuals should not be brushed off as being lazy and selfish because the youth of the world will eventually be the ones running the charities and organizations. If they are not given a chance, what chance do our communities have?

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