What is Voluntourism?

Voluntourism is a concept that up and coming in the world of volunteering but what is it exactly? Voluntourism unites vacation travel with volunteering at the location visited. Many nonprofit and travel professions are profoundly involved in arranging vacations for volunteer efforts. There are many names for voluntourism including ethical holidays, voluntourist, and travel philanthropy. When an ethical holiday is well organized, the traveler can use their vacation with great advantages such as helping and gaining personal benefits.
Voluntourism meets the need of hard-working people who want to help others but also want to take time to travel. There are many benefits for families that are seeking a memorable experience with their children and want to teach them the positive rewards of helping others. Voluntourism allows many single adults that would like to take a vacation but do not want to go alone a chance to spend time with others working toward a common goal: fun, friendship, and helping others.
Voluntourist can help organizations to be productive for many projects that need a lot of working hands. A natural disaster requires massive clean-up efforts and rebuilding over many years. Voluntourism opportunities allows for a continuous flow of new volunteers to help with efforts, which keeps the momentum going. Voluntourism is an experience of people, where the volunteer and the person being helped become familiar with one another.
A positive experience as a volunteer on holiday could lead to a more permanent relationship with the organizations such as return trips to the area or country or for volunteer efforts at home for the development of international causes. Voluntourism can help any volunteer feel good for the service they are giving to those in need and result in continuous relief efforts as more volunteers visit on a continuous basis. Volunteers offer their services because they want to enhance the life of those around them and voluntourism opportunities give them a chance to make a difference all over the world.

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