Ways to Help Part III

Volunteering is an unselfish way to improve the lives of those in your community, but choosing the right charity or organization can be difficult. Despite the number of choices, choosing the right volunteering activity that is right for you is important. There are opportunities that help the poor and homeless, help the sick and dying, and help improve centers in the community.

Many people would not think that a public library would require committed volunteers, but their operation depends on them. Volunteers in public libraries are responsible for running children’s programs, reshelving books, and making books available to those in the community like Books on Wheels. Although individuals who volunteer at public libraries are usually adults, there has been a welcome increase of teenage volunteers.

Senior citizen centers also require volunteers to keep programs running. Volunteers are needed to plan and hold events such as dances, concerts, and bingo for the seniors in the community. Many volunteers develop lasting friendships with the seniors and improve their quality of life by offering them activities outside of the home.

Humans are not the only members of society that need the help of volunteers. Animal shelters are mostly nonprofit and depend greatly on the work of volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help take care of the animals, work with the public for adoptions, and keep the facilities clean for the animals. If volunteers were not present in animal shelters, the nonprofit organizations would not be able to properly care for the homeless creatures.

The American Red Cross helps individuals and families who are in a state of emergency. The scope of the Red Cross’ service can range from whole communities hit by disaster or one sick child who needs blood in order to live. The Red Cross welcomes volunteers who want to work in the administrative office or out in the field handing out supplies. The Salvation Army is also an organization that provides rehabilitation centers, social services, and disaster services among many others. Volunteer programs are available across the country and many lives are touched by what the organization accomplishes.