Volunteers can Reach Millions From the Top

In many charitable organizations, it is easier to find volunteers who want to be on the front lines doing the hands on work then it is to have them accept a position on the board of directors or other committees. Although a presidential position in an organization does offer status and public recognition, fewer individuals are willing to give up their time and effort to fulfill the top roles. Many see this as a concern, but individuals feel more helpful volunteering on a lower level.
There will always be those individuals who want to work at the top, helping an organization reach more of those in need even though it means more work. The more work a volunteer can do, the more lives that are touched. Being in a leadership role in a volunteer organization does mean a lot of time spent attending meetings, taking risks for the project at hand, making difficult decisions in the face of scrutiny, and accepting the legal liability of tough decisions. Despite the demands of working in a leadership role in a volunteer organization, many volunteers are willing to accept the challenge for the sake of helping others.
Many organizations understand the challenge of finding volunteers who are willing to take on the leadership responsibilities and they have began to fear what the future might hold if no one accepts the job. Despite the difficulty of finding these candidates, they are out there and ready to make a difference. The benefits of working in a leadership position outweigh the negatives of the business. For many volunteers, being intellectually challenged helps individuals feel like they are making more of a difference then just handing out supplies or raising funds. Regardless of the feared shortage of individuals that are willing to take on more responsibility in the volunteer organization, there are many individuals who want to make a difference and have the ability to do it from the top.