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Virginia Rometty

Virginia Ginni Rometty M. (born about 1957 a ) is a leader of IBM appointed to take, at a st January 2012, as Director General ( CEO ) and president of the world. This appointment made ​​her the first woman to reach the head of the century-old company, continuing a career that is almost entirely conducted.

In 1979, Virginia Rometty graduated as Bachelor of Science in computer science and electrical engineering from the Northwestern University . After professional debut at General Motors , in 1981 she joined the offices of IBM in Detroit , as a systems engineer 2 . She successively held various management positions in sales and marketing, apart from the activities of the company builder 3 , but in contact with the customer trades, which include banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry and health 4 . He says the strategy of the insurance industry and financial services, with responsibility for marketing, sales and Board 5 .
In 1991, Virginia Rometty joined the consulting business of IBM, then regrouped in the Consulting Group , which oversees the development in the region of Great Lakes 2 . She became Executive Director for the Americas operations of Global Business Services 6 , it also supports the strategy and worldwide marketing 5 . In 2002, she received mission is to integrate the firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers and its consultants 100 000 7 . The acquisition, launched shortly after the accession of Samuel Palmisano to senior management, is considered very risky, particularly because PWC have personal work habits of independence, far removed from more hierarchical culture IBMs then- 4 . It carries out the operation, however, containing the brain drain 5 . This success reinforces its position in the global management of service activities 7 , starting in 2005 with the rank of senior vice president 6 .
In 2009 she became head of sales worldwide. In 2010 are added marketing and strategy 8 . It controls the expansion of the division Growth Markets (Emerging Markets) 9 , as well as activity Analytics , which combines software for data mining (data mining) and services expertise. In this area, as it will report briefly on his appointment to the direction of the company, it is not to make markets, it is to create 4 . His annual salary in 2010 of approximately $ 630 000 , for a total compensation more than ten times 6 . In 2011, the magazine Fortune assigns him seventh place in its ranking of 50 most powerful women in business, where it appears for the seventh consecutive year 8 . In the internal competition for the succession of Sam Palmisano, it acquires a favorite position vis-à-vis rivals, leaders of service activities, Michael Daniels, and materials, the African-American Rodney Adkins 10 and Steven Mills, head of business software and top competitor, but a similar age of leaving 4 .
25 October 2011 is announced his appointment as Director General ( CEO ) and chairman of IBM, in effect a st January 2012, Samuel Palmisano retaining the presidency of the board 11 . This ensures that the decision is not by sex of the person concerned, but its merits 4 he says: The long-term strategic thinking and attention to Ginni customer mark our growth initiatives, from the cloud (cloud computing) and analytical tools to the marketing of Watson 10 . Virginia Rometty will place itself in continuity with its predecessor, ensuring that the strategy and operating model of IBM are good, while stressing that Sam has taught us, above all, it should never stop reinventing IBM 10 . The company becomes the occasion one of the few (12 in 2011) among the 500 largest U.S. companies , and one of the largest in the world, to be headed by a woman 3 . She joined in particular, among the stakeholders of information technology, rival Hewlett-Packard , who in September 2011 was chosen to head Meg Whitman , former boss of eBay , and Xerox , led by Ursula Burns 10 .
From 2006 to 2009, Virginia Rometty the board of directors of the insurer American International Group (AIG) 6 . She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations , a think tank independent and nonpartisan specializes in the study of American foreign policy and international relations. She participates on the board of Northwestern University, from which it came 12 , and the supervisory board of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 13 .
She is the wife of Mark Rometty 12 .

Northwestern University

The Arch , main entrance of the Northwestern University, Evanston campus.

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The Ward Building at Northwestern University, Chicago Campus.
The Northwestern University ( Northwestern University ) is a university American located in Evanston, a suburb north of Chicago , in the State of Illinois ( É.-U. ). It has a campus of 97 acres on the shores of Lake Michigan . Vocational education is located in Chicago , a campus of 10 acres near one of the most prestigious avenues of Chicago, Michigan Avenue (aka The Magnificent Mile ).
The Northwestern University is one of the largest universities in the United States. The magazine Forbes place often in the top ten universities in the country and the Shanghai in 2007 he was awarded the 30 th place worldwide. More schools, including the Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern School of Law are regularly placed in the top ten of the country as well as those of Harvard or Princeton.
This great university is one of two major universities in the city of Chicago, namely the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. It has nearly 17,000 students on two campuses. The one in the city of Evanston, a northern suburb of Chicago and the other at the heart of the city of Chicago.
The university was founded in 1851 by Methodists and opened in 1855 . Its name reflects the desire of its founders to serve citizens living in the territory northwest, recently acquired by the United States.
In sports , the Northwestern Wildcats (wildcat) defend the colors of Northwestern University. The emblems of the university are the wild cat, the color purple and its Latin motto takes a phrase from the Gospel: Quaecumque sunt vera.
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The Northwestern University was founded in 1851 by Methodists from Chicago (including John Evans appointed to the city Evanston). Campus in the city of Evanston is open in 1855 with two teachers and ten students.
Northwestern comes from the desire of its founders to bring together students of the former Northwest Territories including the present states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and part Minnesota. The original campus located in Evanston had a single building now known as Old College. This building was then completed at the University Hall built in 1869. In the 1920s , the university opened a second campus devoted to law and medicine in the city of Chicago adjoins that of Evanston. By comparison, the situation in Evanston and marketing for chiropractic Chicago to recall that of Neuilly and Paris, Evanston is a suburb of Chicago which is the limit ends where the city of Chicago.
The University motto is a Latin quotation: Quaecumque sunt vera Philippians (4:8) which could translate into French: anyway, things are true. On the seal face an expression of Northwestern Greek inscribed on the pages of an open book: kai ho logos pleres Charitos aletheias, which means The Word is full of grace and truth. This expression comes from the Gospel of John (1:14): And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we are his glory, only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. The core values ​​of the university are therefore expressed both in Greek and Latin, and thus recall his Methodist heritage.
By its founding charter, the university has been exempt from paying property taxes. For this reason, Northwestern has often had difficult relations with the government of Evanston who sought to change that. Tensions arose the enforcement of the planned building codes. Recently, members of the City of Evanston have tried to divide the campus into several distinct neighborhoods and to reduce the electoral strength of students on campus during the municipal elections.
In 1892, the color purple is the official symbol of the university to replace the black and gold colors used previously. The national committee of academic thinking has indeed found that too many university used these colors and it would be good to diversify a little.
In 1939, Northwestern University hosted the first ever national championship in basketball: the NCAA Mens Division I. Today, his team is still among the best university teams in the United States and the brother of Tony Parker studied at Northwestern. The championship took place in the original Patten Gymnasium, which was then dismantled and moved north to make room at the Technological Institute.
In 1948, the eminent anthropologist Melville J. Herskovits founded the African Studies Program at the University. This program was the first of its kind in the United States.
In 1999, students from the school of journalists at Northwestern discovered information that helped save the inmate Anthony Porters death row and, two days before his execution. Since then, the association Medill Innocence Project has helped save nine innocent of the electric chair. January 11, 2003, during a speech at the Northwestern School of Law (Lincolns Hall) Governor of Illinois, George Ryan announced that he would commute the death sentences of 150 inmates. He stated in his speech that its just that we are gathered here today at Northwestern University with students, teachers, lawyers and investigators who first shed light on the sad conditions in the State of Illinois system of capital punishment.
The campus

The university has two separate campuses. Instead turned to a social sciences located in the Evanston campus and reserved for another hard sciences and the law in the city of Chicago.
Evanston Campus
The campus of Northwesterns Evanston is located north of Chicago from Lake Michigan and Sheridan Road. The north side of campus is the center of student life on campus with fraternity quads, the Henry Hub, the Sports Pavilion Crown and other sports facilities, the Technological Institute, Dearborn Observatory, and other science-related buildings such as Ryan Hall and the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center.
The south side of campus includes buildings of artistic disciplines such as music, the building arts (such as Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art). In the 1960s the works were undertaken to expand the campus of 84 hectares.
The university has five libraries on campus in Evanston, and three on the campus of Chicago. Libraries have a total of over 4.6 million volumes. The Library of African Studies is one of the largest in the world.
A metro line runs through the campus, the purple line . The online course takes its name and color of the university. The three stations on campus are named Foster, Davis and Noyes. A bus service called CTA also goes into the campus and a bus line was opened by the university to commute between two campuses.
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Northwesterns campus in the city of Chicago is located near the district of Streeterville , not far from the famous John Hancock Center on Michigan Avenue or the Chicago Water Tower . The main tower of the campus was the first skyscraper academics across the country. The Chicago campus is home to medical school and that is where is the hospital of the university but also in law school, some buildings in the Business School and the School of Continuing Studies, which organizes evening classes for professionals to complete their training.


Main article: Northwestern Wildcats .

The university is owned by a private company run by a board of directors. The current board is composed of 70 members and chaired by Patrick G. Ryan, who delegates his powers to an elected president for university management. Northwestern has had fifteen presidents in history (not counting interim presidents.) The current president Henry Bienen is called and has served since January 1995.
The Northwestern University has 11 schools. Each school has a president, provost and dean of the school. Admission requirements, course requirements and degree of discipline is determined by the voting members of each school (assistant professor and above.)
The schools are: Evanston Campus
Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences (1851)
School of Communication (1878)
Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music (1895)
Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science (1909)
Medill School of Journalism (1921)
School of Education and Social Policy (1926)
School of Continuing Studies (1933)
Evanston Campus
Kellogg School of Management (1908)
The Graduate School (1910)
Chicago Campus
Feinberg School of Medicine (1859)
Kellogg School of Management (1908)
Law School (1859)
Chicago Campus
School of Continuing Studies (1933)

U.S. World University Ranking ARWU 29 th , National ARWU 22 th , ARWU natural sciences and mathematics 30 th , ARWU Engineering CS 20 th , ARWU Life Sciences 51 th , ARWU clinical medicine 39 th , ARWU Social Sciences 13 th , CMUP 23 th , Newsweek Global 100 35 e , THES World 29 th , 12 USNWR National University, Business School USNWR 4 th , USNWR Law School 9 th , USNWR Medical School (Research) 21st, USNWR School of Medicine 44 th , USNWR School Engineering 21 th , USNWR school 7 th , 55 Washington Monthly e .
Northwestern University was ranked 12 th American university by USNews World Report (tied with Washington University in St. Louis) and in the top 11 U.S. universities by Forbes magazine. The classification of Shanghai meanwhile, gave him the 30 th place.
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During the 2006-2007 school year, the university had 7,976 students and about 1,800 part-time students. The same year, 21,930 showed up and only 5,872 were admitted. 26% success rate for the exam.
Northwestern has approximately 2,925 full-time faculty and employs approximately 5,600 people.
Among the great teachers of the university, there are:
J. Michael Bailey
Arthur Butz
Joseph Médard Carrière
the ethnographer Gary Alan Fine
Jürgen Habermas
Historian Garry Wills
the chemist Samuel I. Stupp , professor of materials science
the art historian Frank Willett , a specialist in African Arts
Among former teachers include Ed Paschke, Nobel Laureate, chemist John Pople
Northwestern has approximately 190,000 elders including:
Charlton Heston
Lydia Clarke
Jane Badler
Kyle Gann
Jerry Springer
Zach Braff
Ginni Rometty

Nearly 163,000 people work in networks in 151 countries. In terms of prestige, PwC is ranked # 1 worldwide accounting firms by the Vault Guide 1 . The network also ranks shoulder to shoulder with Deloitte for the world leader in terms of turnover.
In France, PricewaterhouseCoopers employs 4,000 people in 24 regional offices as separate and independent legal entities, all members of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited.
PwC was born in 1998 successive mergers of Anglo-Saxon historical actors in this sector (and Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Lybrand). PricewaterhouseCoopers has carried out during the tax year of 2011 a turnover worldwide $ 29.2 billion.
1849: Foundation in London firm of Price by Samuel Lowell Price
1854: Foundation of the London firm of Cooper Brothers
1865: Edwin Waterhouse joined the firm Price Waterhouse who becomes
1929: Opening of the office of Coopers Lybrand in Paris
1957: Coopers Lybrand International was created by the combination of Cooper Brothers Co ( UK ) with Lybrand, Ross Bros. Montgomery ( USA ) and McDonald, Currie Co ( Canada )
1997 (September): Coopers Lybrand and Price Waterhouse announced their merger plan
1997 (November): The various activities associated member of Coopers Lybrand and Price Waterhouse vote the principle of reconciliation in different countries
1998: Launch of PricewaterhouseCoopers after approval of the merger by the European Commission
PwC figures

In the World:
Areas: audit and certification of accounts, legal and tax advice
169 000 employees worldwide
29.2 billion at June 30, 2011
Present in 158 countries
In France:
25 regional offices
4000 employees
Turnover: 674 million at June 30, 2011 (aggregated activities of PwC and Landwell, correspondent law firm of PwC).
Expertise in France

Audit and certification of accounts
PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit has 14 mandates statutory audit of the CAC Kelowna vein clinic 40 and SBF 250 54 mandates which represent about 20% of the certification of accounts of companies in the CAC 40 and SBF 250 PwC in France also counts among its customers more than 2 000 medium-sized companies. PwCs presence on French territory is available through 25 offices structured around six regions.
The division Transactions PricewaterhouseCoopers offers the services and industry expertise diabetic foot ulcer treatment for all project acquisition or disposal.
The center Strategy offers General Management of companies to assist them in their business strategies and contribute to their implementation.
Management Consulting:
The cluster Consulting is 500 consultants in France, 6,000 in Europe and 18,000 worldwide. This is mainly missions improved performance, increased control of organization and information systems but also piloting and implementation of transformation projects and control risks and costs.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

The original building of the New York Cancer Hospital built in 1884-86 at the corner of Central Park West and 106th Street .
The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center or MSKCC is a treatment center and research on cancer , founded in 1884 as the New York Cancer Hospital in New York to the United States . Nowadays, the main center is located at 1275 York Avenue , between 67th and 68th Street with ancillary buildings in Basking Ridge in New Jersey , Long Island and in Westchester County .

The MSKCC is currently composed of two intertwined institutions. On the one hand the Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Allied Diseases, which provides patient care and is an offshoot of the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University founded by John D. Rockefeller , in 1900. The original Memorial Hospital building was built in 1939 thanks to the patronage of John J. Astor and his wife Charlotte. Between 1970 and 1973, a new hospital is built on the same site with funds from John D. Rockefeller Junior
On the other hand the Sloan-Kettering Institute, which is the center for basic research on cancer. This institute was founded in 1945 by a donation from the Alfred P. Sloan to build a 13-story building and its annual operation. Charles Kettering , vice president and research director for General Motors , was called to organize the research of the institute by applying an outline of methods of automotive industry.
During the second half of the xx th century the MSKCC has become one of the most important centers for the treatment and cancer research in the United States. The MSKCC is affiliated with the Weill Medical College of Cornell University in a tri-institutional educational program involving the Weill-Cornell and Rockefeller University nearby.
The current president of Memorial Sloan-Ketterings Harold Varmus .
Chief executive officer
For items uses, see CEO .
The chief executive officer (abbreviation CEO ) in English, or CEO (in French, in Quebec at least) one , holds the highest rank in the hierarchy of social organization, whether for profit or nonprofit. Its powers vary with the structure, size and nationality of the organization but the spirit of the function varies little: the CEO is the most senior of all operational managers.
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The CEO assumes different loads.
It provides public relations with shareholders , institutions and the press. It facilitates communication between the steering committee and the parts in contact with this committee: the other directors, such as directors of subsidiaries that are not members of the steering committee, the board of directors when there is one, the representatives staff, and strategic partners, such as major customers. He leads the design and implementation of projects in all fields of technology and all business areas, such as producing and marketing . He heads the finance investments in deciding the amount of debt and cost reductions. It decides on changes in staffing.
In some organizations, the CEO delegated by will, by necessity or obligation. When he delegates, some of its prerogatives are assigned to other senior managers. The chief technical officer (CTO abbreviation) is the technical director, the director of such laboratory directors of research and development . The chief financial officer (CFO abbreviation) is the financial manager, directly or indirectly, of all financial departments. Some high responsibilities assigned to Vice President (VP abbreviation, vice presidents in French), as VP Sales for the vice president of sales.
Equivalences according to nationalities

The United States , the CEO may also be the chairman of the board (chairman of the board) and the president of the company. However, these roles are separated in larger organizations, this in order to avoid a centralized on one person and the subsequent conflicts with shareholders and other important members of society.
In Quebec , this role is filled by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or CEO.
In the EU , as chairman of the board of the organization and that of president of the organization are usually separated, for the same reasons as for the American structures. According to legislation, the plurality of functions may be illegal.
In France , we speak of CEO or general manager in the form of society, its role is that of chairman of the board or the CEO for SA CEO if, but especially towards the society as general manager. It is also called a president in SAS and manager in a limited liability company (when there is only one)
In Switzerland , in Italy and Belgium , the role of CEO is completed by the managing director (implied by the Board).
In the UK , much of the government agencies are headed by a Chief Executive who is answerable for its actions to the Board.