The Youth of America Cares

There are many kinds of community service that often gets overlooked and it takes place when the youth of a community decides to join community organizations. Despite the common misconception that the youth today are not interested in making a difference, they are willing to train to make the future a better place in their community. Teenagers admire the work that is being done by community organizations and want to be a part of it sooner than later. The youth of today have the desire to sit in the background of community organizations and do what they are told as long as they are helping their own communities.

Community organizations accept young individuals into their groups because they are molding the leaders of tomorrow and making them an element of something larger then they are. There are many young individuals that want to be a part of making their community a better place, but a catastrophe or disaster brings out those who are willing to forget their video games, shopping sprees, and movies until their community is back in shape and the residents have everything they need to rebuild their lives.

Some young individuals are not only concerned with their own communities, but also the communities of others. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf of Mexico, college attendance around the United States drastically dropped. Many students were abandoning their education temporarily because they felt they could do more good helping residents of New Orleans and school would be there when their work was done. Recently, there was another significant drop in college attendance around the United States when the massive oil spill hit the Gulf of Mexico. Although the youth of America can seem like they do not feel their communities are important, there are many young individuals out there who want to make a difference and they are our future leaders.

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