The Character of a Volunteer

People that volunteer are a blessing to charities and organizations around the globe. No volunteer is alike and that diversity is what keeps organizations running. People of all ages can volunteer as long as they are responsible, enthusiastic, and willing to commit to those that need help. Volunteers have extremely different personalities, can be male or female, and are not limited by size or color, but there are characteristics that all volunteers have that make them an asset to any charity or organization.

A volunteer has the ability to broaden the interest of others by introducing them to ideas outside of their own home or workplace. Volunteerism is an example of ones willingness to help others and change the world. Volunteers have a genuine concern for others and are willing to make time each week to enhancing their quality of life. People who volunteer have a willingness to learn what the organization does and has a positive outlook on life and the work they do. Computer skills and strong organization skills are important skills for any volunteer to have because it makes their work more efficient.

Over 44% of the United States population volunteers at one or more charities or organizations across the nations. Most volunteers devote an average of four hours every week to helping individuals in their community on a local, regional, and national level. One important characteristic of a volunteer is to devote at least two hours every week, but most volunteers believe more time should be given to help others. Some individuals volunteer because they want to help but also because they want to have community service on their resume; however, most volunteers skip adding their service to their resumes because their work is all about helping others. Whether you have some extra time to give to your community or you are retired, a strong character is an important trait for those who want to make a change.