Single Woman? Divorced? Unhappily Married? CHECK OUT Dont Say I Do! by Orna Gadish

This video presents the phenomenal book DONT SAY I DO! Why Women Should Stay Single by Orna Gadish.Timely and relevant DONT SAY I DO! Why Women Should Stay Single recently published by New Horizon Press is available in the local and online stores since July 2012.

Check out: reviewers are praising the provocative book which challenges marriage as the first choice for women in the global world of the twenty-first century.

DONT SAY I DO! Why Women Should Stay Single is an exceptional portrayal of relationships, families, and marriages of our modern world. Despite habit, tradition, and the fact that people are overwhelmingly inculcated with the concept of marriage we cant turn a blind eye to the fact that marriage today is dead, or nearly dead.

While most marriage books attempt to save the marriage boat from sinking, or say that the problem lies within the unmarried women, or single women, or divorced women, DONT SAY I DO! does not. Stories related to the waning of marriage as an international phenomenon are nicely woven in, with supportive advice all around to all kinds of women.

Among the focus-groups of DONT SAY I DO!
• Married women
• Unhappily married women
• Unmarried women in happy relationships
• Unmarried women in unhappy relationships
• Divorced women
• Single women by choice

There is also a powerful analysis of:
• Why couples cheat
• Why there are high divorce rates today
• What the new roles that women can play in relationships today are
• What family structures are available
• What motherhood options are acceptable
• What education and career options there are
• What the impact of the sexual revolution is
• And how women can open up to the new challenges

For women living in our postmodern world, this book is certainly a wakeup call for its ability to challenge marriage as the first choice for women.

Gadish writes: More and more women in the U.S., Europe, and around the Western world are shunning marriage today. Its a sweeping cultural change embraced by millions, which cant be ignored. It is happening because women today do not need marriage in order to have money, or have sex with a man, or cohabitate with him, or share finances, or create a family, or even to have and raise children. Furthermore, women do not need to walk down the wedding aisle in order to be socially accepted and respected by their community and society at large. Some women today do not even need physical contact with a man in order to conceive. In the past, marriage offered all such benefits to women, but todays women can have it all without marriage. What is it if not a revolution?

If you want to make a change, you must definitely check out DONT SAY I DO! Why Women Should Stay Single. It can really change your life!


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