Sexual Abuse:,,,,My main question is why do people hide this abuse especially among family members?

I was abused in every way possible by different family members. As a child I was afraid to tell,now that Im an adult people still dont wanna admit our family members would do this. I feel cheated and robbed of my child hood. I also found out about 4 yrs ago my daughter was sexual assaulted by a family member and family members still let children go around this sick bastard..My daughter is getting help and I did for years but the trauma still remains. Breaking the cycle was the best thing I have ever done,to chose not to be like “those people”. Will people please share with me their abuse and how they are finally learning “how to live again”.

Fear guilt shame, take your pick. The main thing is I guess that the victim feels that no one will believe them, they will themselves be blamed and that also that they might be some how punished for telling.

Everyone needs to face up to the reality that bad things can happen in beautiful neighborhoods.