Buffalo Wild Wings CEO, Sally Smith: Consumers to the CEO

The 8th Annual Womens Leadership Conference welcomed more than 300 professional women to the Carlson School of Management to learn about current trends and opportunities as wells as tips for career transitions and leveraging natural gifts and potential. Sally J. Smith, president and CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, sat down with Dean Sri Zaheer for […]

What are all the stereotypes of female athletes?

For example, that all softball players are fat and dyykes. What about soccer, basketball, tennis, etc? (not trying to be stereotypical) But i think that most female basketball players volleyball players and runners are very tall.

My family sickness and his selfish love destroyed me?

I radiated joy when I was younger. My family was abusive but I had a clear understanding of who I was and where I wanted to be. I was very strong and perseverant, walking towards my goal. But physical illness suddenly happen, all the emotional neglect, sexual abuse, lack of affection eventually started affecting my […]

Why do People Volunteer?

People of all ages are motivated to volunteer for many reasons. The desire to help others is the main reason people volunteer, and it is okay to volunteer for reasons that are beneficial to you. Some individuals are embarrassed by the notion that people who volunteer can benefit from their…