Need a menacing sounding name for my novel?

Just a quick overview of the novel Im writing:
Its about Nephilim (or Shadowhunters) a somewhat superior human race gifted with the Sight, allowing them to see through glamours and see into the downworld, as well as see demons. It is their job to hunt demons and keep the mundanes safe and ignorant. One of my main characters is going to be transferred to a Hall (living area with other Shadowhunters) because of his past, which wont be revealed until the end. Hell be followed my a sort of humanoid demon (formed from an incubus that was murdered/destroyed) that has the ability to possess a body and be in the daylight because hes not a solid form. I need a name for this demon/incubus guy. Any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated!

Here is a short excerpt of a part hes in, if it might help with coming up with names:
He pulled off his shirt and let it drop to the floor as he walked to the bathroom. He examined his shoulder in the mirror above the sink, hopeful that the white, jagged scar had faded some. It hadnt. He touched it, feeling the raised skin with just the tips of his fingers, and wondered if it would always be so noticeable.
Reentering the bedroom, he scooped up his black duffel bag, tossed it onto the bed and began unpacking. His clothing hardly varied – a few dark t-shirts, a few pairs of jeans. He paused, realizing hed brought nothing to sleep in. He thought for a moment, deciding that boxers would do, and resumed unpacking.
Underneath the clothes were a few paperbacks, necessary toiletries, and a black box that held Gazardiel, the seraph dagger hed received from the Washington Halls blacksmith the day he left. She had named it for him, after “the angel of new beginnings”. He smiled, remembering the woman. “All youre good at is fighting, so take advantage of it with a decent weapon.” shed said.
A soft thump sounded from outside the window and he snapped to attention, immediately retrieving the small iron dagger he kept in his right boot. He approached the window cautiously, anticipating a hungry troll or bored faerie, since demons couldnt survive in the daylight.
As he neared the window, his eyes searching for any sign of movement, he felt the energy around him suddenly change, the air dramatically dropping in temperature. He stood still, the tiniest hairs on the back of his neck pricking, and glanced around him. He knew the feeling; the sudden coldness, the feeling of electricity prickling on every inch of his body. He shut his eyes and gripped his dagger until his knuckles turned white and his muscles quivered, focusing all of his energy on remaining in his current state of mind. He bowed his head, his dark hair falling into his eyes as he desperately gritted his teeth, clenching the fist of his free hand until his fingernails left red slits in his palm. After a moment, he let the corner of his mouth quirk into his infamous, smug grin.
“Better luck next time,” he spoke.
The air around him slowly returned to normal as a silhouette began to take shape, shimmering into focus directly in front of the window.
“Indeed, next time.” The voice was deep, echoing and familiar – just as hed expected. The words were quiet yet loud, said both in his mind and beside his ears, across the room and behind him. They seeped into the pores of his skin and tried one last time to take hold of him. He grimaced, warding off the attack.
The voice chuckled low as the silhouette shimmered back out of focus until nothing remained but an echo of laughter.

Just to be clear, Im not asking for criticism of my writing (I have others ready to do that for me!) Im just asking for name suggestions.

I own copyright to all writing posted!

Thank you!

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