Inspiring Volunteers: Celebrity Philanthropist

Many charities and organization are benefiting from having celebrities working with them. Celebrities have the ability to appeal to individuals in society and generate a lot of attention to the charities and organization they volunteer. Although some individuals believe that a celebrity can be motivated to participate in humanitarian activities that is a risk charities and organizations take to inspire more people to help change the world.

Many celebrities are well known for their work such as Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, and Bono from U2. These celebrities’ donations and hands on work are on a large scale and receive a lot of media attention. Celebrities work on all levels of volunteering from being an ambassador to working in the soup kitchen where they live. Celebrities are talented individuals who make a lot of money doing what they love. The only difference between celebrities and the working class is they have more money and more free time to devote to helping others. Regardless of this fact, a celebrity’s status is a powerful force and many individuals mirror their volunteer efforts because they see their role model doing the same.

Celebrities can create awareness of communities in need by using their status. The awareness they create helps thousands of individuals hit by disaster, disease, and many other circumstances that require the goodwill of others. Celebrity telethons can raise millions of dollars for their cause just as Jerry Lewis’ MDA and Stand up to Cancer does every year.

Younger celebrities are getting involved in charity work too. With the growing popularity of social networking websites, celebrities are auctioning themselves off for a good cause. The pay-off for the auctions is recognition from the chosen celebrity to the highest bidder, but the money raised goes to help orphans around the world who are homeless from natural disaster. Regardless of the risks that charities and organizations take when showcasing a celebrity’s philanthropy, the recognition raises awareness and funds for those who need it the most.