Government Related Volunteering

More and more students are seeing the benefits of volunteering and taking advantage of them. Today, the act of volunteering offers more than a sense of making things right, it also offers a tax credit for students who volunteer at least 100 hours a year. With this incentive, more students are stepping up to the challenge of changing the world, one person at a time. As more volunteers surface, nonprofit organizations are overpowered.

For the amount of volunteers available, nonprofit organizations would have to grow immensely to train incoming volunteers for position they could do the most good. By putting college students to work as tutors, mentors and volunteers, the challenge of growing operations can be accomplished. Fortunately, those who want to volunteer do not have to wait for a nonprofit organization to find placement for them.

The common misconception that volunteering only occurs in the nonprofit sector of business deters many individuals because sometimes these organizations have more volunteers than they do projects. Many people in the profession of volunteering and the public do not recognize the volunteering opportunities in their state and local governments. There is a large gap between the policies the Federal government holds and what happens at the local and state level. The smaller communities need citizen involvement in activities that are for the good of the public such as firefighting, emergency rescue providers, and recreation programs for children.

Reorganization of government-related volunteering is crucial because it is the heart of our political, economic, and social future. Volunteers on a local and state level have a significant impact on their community. Volunteering is a choice many make because they feel that there is more that they could be doing to help those around them. By participating in a volunteer effort for their local government, they are helping those in their community to have a more enriched life and act as a liaison between the government and the citizens of the community.