Four Apps For Your Phone

The cell phone craze may have hit its fever pitch. There are ads for every cell phone imaginable and there are no less than 5 cell phone carriers operating in big business on today’s wide open market. The biggest thing in the cell phone world these days has been the invention of the smartphone. It’s everywhere with the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry dominating the market with its multi-purpose functions. There are some really great things out there that they are doing with these smartphones and they are available as downloadable applications. These are all the rage so if you have the means and the want these are four apps that you should absolutely have on your phone.

Mobile Banking

This is the best thing you can get for your phone. Since the world has gone debit and credit crazy there is no longer a need to carry a checkbook and since that is the case there is no need to carry the ledger. All you need to do now is keep track of these purchases by looking at your banking statement. Since everything goes through so quickly these days it makes sense to stick with that.

Mobile Checkbook

Just because you can see your account doesn’t always mean you have an accurate ledger or record so for that you can get an online checkbook that will allow you to record everything. You won’t be in the dark about your balance again.

New York Times

Yes, the New York Times has an app. The absolute best nnewspaperin the country is available for no money on your phone. If you want to know what is happening in the world and in your country there is no better app than the NY Times.

Pandora Radio

For those of you who love radio and love radio filled with your favorite songs Pandora is a great radio for you.