Divorced and mature people, please. What tips can you share with 40 yr. old woman who has recently broken up?

This woman is my best friendWeve known each other for 30 plus years. Went to school together, college, universityFamilies know each other and she is devastated. She is a smart, funny, educated and attractive womanYet she is now doubting her assets because this man she has seen for the last five years is too jealous, too possessive, too demanding. And while she can see he is manipulative and selfish, she still loves him. Besides telling her to “give time, time” and to keep herself busy, what else can I tell her? Im so sad when I see the pain she is going through

i am 38 and went through a serious heartache recently and am still heartbroken. actually i went to counseling. there is nothing anyone could have said or done for the pain to go away. it helps for a moment but on the end of the day its still devastating. the worst was when people actually told me, find a hobby or stay busy, it made me feel less understood. you cant heal heartache with the gym or anything. sometimes it takes a loooong time. the best one could do for me, was to listen.