Creative Volunteering: Breaking From the Norm

Most volunteers are assigned projects that are based on the jobs of paid staff members in an organization. While using volunteers to help with the nine to five responsibilities, there are more creative approaches that will benefit the individuals and families that need help outside of business hours. Volunteers are typically flexible with their schedules and help should be offered around the clock, not based on the hours the charity or organization keeps.

There are many ways a volunteer can help outside the normal business hours. An agency that counsels families can recruit volunteers to have telephone conferences early in the morning to help parents get their children ready for school. Volunteers can offer support and structure that some families need to make sure the children prepared to learn. Most hospitals need individuals to answer phones on their crisis hotline during the late night hours. Volunteers who suffer from insomnia are a perfect match for assisting hospitals and other nonprofit organizations that provide hotlines to the public.

Placement of volunteers can be the easiest and the hardest part of working for an organization. Thinking outside of the box can be highly beneficial to both the volunteer and the individual or families. Organizations that work with troubled teenagers found that recruiting volunteers who are physically disabled can have a huge impact. Teenagers listened and had more positive experiences when listening to individuals who were physically disabled than with other volunteers.

Hospitals around the nation recruit young volunteers who have undergone treatment for illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, and other terminal illnesses to share their experiences with children who are facing comparable treatments. There are thousands of ways to break from the norm when placing volunteers. By understanding the individuals or families need, placing a volunteer with certain skills can be highly effective. Those who are in need of help recognize the unique skills and find comfort in the person who is donating their time. Volunteers who are placed with individuals or families based on their talents will have a more meaningful experience.

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