Community Service: Getting Your Workplace Involved

Every year, communities on local, regional, and national levels hold numerous community service events to help those that are less fortunate or are affected by disaster. Individuals are asked to step up and help those in their community and they do without reserve. The compassion that individuals have for others in their community is growing regardless whether or not they know the individual or families they are helping. As the desire to help others in our communities, many are wondering how to take community service to the next level.

Many businesses donate to their charities of choice, but their community service rarely involves the participation of their employees. Most businesses overlook the impact that their group of employees can have for the community, large or small, and believe that what they are doing is enough. As an employee, there are ways to get your coworkers and companies involved in doing more and increase the respect your company receives from the community. Every year, there are several events in which people and families in the community need help.

Most schools begin in August or September every year, and many families are unable to provide their children with the necessary clothing and supplies. By encouraging everyone in the workplace to bring in their children’s clothing that is no longer being used and buying one or two items on the school supply list will result in many families being able to give their kids what they need. Around the holidays, putting a box in the office for food supplies that will be given to the holiday food drives will allow more families to be together to enjoy the holidays without the wonder of where the money will come from.

There are many other ways to get the workplace involved in helping others in the community. Most business would not hesitate letting their employees participate together in community events under the company’s name because they would become a trusted face in the community. There is always someone in need of help in every community and the more people that come together, the better.

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