Need a menacing sounding name for my novel?

Just a quick overview of the novel Im writing: Its about Nephilim (or Shadowhunters) a somewhat superior human race gifted with the Sight, allowing them to see through glamours and see into the downworld, as well as see demons. It is their job to hunt demons and keep the mundanes safe and ignorant. One of […]

Virginia Rometty Gutsy Woman

Virginia Rometty Virginia Ginni Rometty M. (born about 1957 a ) is a leader of IBM appointed to take, at a st January 2012, as Director General ( CEO ) and president of the world. This appointment made ​​her the first woman to reach the head of the century-old company, continuing a career that is […]

Volunteering: The Importance of Staying Connected

The topic of volunteer leaders staying connected with volunteers is rarely touched. Many believe that the leaders in an organization are more productive if their communication with regular volunteers is minimal but what about the volunteers? The trend of volunteers in leadership roles staying out…

Volunteers can Reach Millions From the Top

In many charitable organizations, it is easier to find volunteers who want to be on the front lines doing the hands on work then it is to have them accept a position on the board of directors or other committees. Although a presidential position in…

Government Related Volunteering

More and more students are seeing the benefits of volunteering and taking advantage of them. Today, the act of volunteering offers more than a sense of making things right, it also offers a tax credit for students who volunteer at least 100 hours a year….