Being a Self-Motivated Volunteer

As more individuals begin to volunteer, some organizations believe they might have more people than they can manage. Organizations today are looking for individuals who are self-motivated because they require less supervision then volunteers who wait for instructions. A self-motivated volunteer is someone who learns about an organization’s project, gets the resources needed to fulfill the project, and takes action to getting the project done in their own time.

The role of an organization is to initiate a project, tell the public about the needs, and provide clear instructions on how the project should be conducted. Organizations only have the time to loosely observe the volunteers as they carry out the project because the higher volunteers deal with the politics. If each organization had to micromanage every volunteer, the higher levels of the project would suffer because there is less time to manage the paperwork and funding. Maintaining the leadership roles of a charitable organization is important for the success of the volunteer projects that it initiates, which is why the self-motivated volunteer is such an asset.

There are many needs that can be attempted with the approach of having self-motivated volunteers. Many organizations refer to self-motivated volunteers as structured neighborliness. The domino effect of the neighborliness continues in many ways. Self-motivated volunteering is dependent on the capacity of the Internet to reach millions of people who want to volunteer or who need help. There are many websites available to individuals in need are offered at no cost and almost guarantee someone is near to help.

The approach to networking through organizations that have relationships with volunteers means there are more individuals available to help others. Although organizations are always looking for more volunteers, the time involved in managing them can take its toll on the organization as a whole. Self-motivated volunteers offer some relief to the organization because they know that the people in need are being taken care of without having to check to see what their volunteers have accomplished.