Being a Self-Motivated Volunteer

As more individuals begin to volunteer, some organizations believe they might have more people than they can manage. Organizations today are looking for individuals who are self-motivated because they require less supervision then volunteers who wait for instructions. A self-motivated volunteer is someone who learns about an organization’s project, gets…

Inspiring Volunteers: Celebrity Philanthropist

Many charities and organization are benefiting from having celebrities working with them. Celebrities have the ability to appeal to individuals in society and generate a lot of attention to the charities and organization they volunteer. Although some individuals believe that a celebrity can be motivated to participate in humanitarian activities…

Need a menacing sounding name for my novel?

Just a quick overview of the novel Im writing: Its about Nephilim (or Shadowhunters) a somewhat superior human race gifted with the Sight, allowing them to see through glamours and see into the downworld, as well as see demons. It is their job to hunt demons and keep the mundanes safe and ignorant. One of […]

Virginia Rometty Gutsy Woman

Virginia Rometty Virginia Ginni Rometty M. (born about 1957 a ) is a leader of IBM appointed to take, at a st January 2012, as Director General ( CEO ) and president of the world. This appointment made ​​her the first woman to reach the head of the century-old company, continuing a career that is […]

Buffalo Wild Wings CEO, Sally Smith: Consumers to the CEO

The 8th Annual Womens Leadership Conference welcomed more than 300 professional women to the Carlson School of Management to learn about current trends and opportunities as wells as tips for career transitions and leveraging natural gifts and potential. Sally J. Smith, president and CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, sat down with Dean Sri Zaheer for […]

What are all the stereotypes of female athletes?

For example, that all softball players are fat and dyykes. What about soccer, basketball, tennis, etc? (not trying to be stereotypical) But i think that most female basketball players volleyball players and runners are very tall.

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